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Illustrator Geometrical Shape Rainbow Tutorial

In our place we had a rain, but I wonder where rainbow I couldn’t is able to find it out. So here is the one I had made one for myself.

Step 1

Create a New Document in Illustrator. I have used A4 size in landscape. Select Polygon Tool in tool box. And click any were in the artboard Polygon options will appear as shown below change Radius 1cm and Sides as 3 and hit ok.

Step 2

Now you will have triangle Copy (Ctrl + C) it and Past in Front (Ctrl + F). Now press Ctrl + F8 or Window > Transform. It will appear Transform panel now select the triangle and click Flip Vertical then hold shift key and drag the triangle shape and place it as shown below.

Step 3

Select all and hold Alt key and drag(this will duplicate the triangle) and hold shift to straightly place at the left side edge of the triangle then press Ctrl + D to duplicate the process, do this until it fills Artboard. It looks like A in below picture.

Select all and make it group (Ctrl +G). Now copy and paste in front then using transform panel Flip Horizontal and Flip Vertical it will looks like B in below picture. Now select all and group it again then Copy the group and past in front now in transform panel change the reference as show in image then flip vertical. Do this 4 times totally you will have 5 pare rows it will looks like C in picture.

Step 4

Let we start coloring up our rainbow. I'm going to begin coloring from bottom. First of all to look like geometrical design we need a gradient color, so in gradient panel and the color values as given below. Start coloring from the 4th triangle towards top right, and do the same for 5th triangle from the last now to left. And knock off stroke in triangles if you done it look similar to below image.

Step 5

Do the same for the rest of triangles with the gradient colors given below.

If you have done it will look as below image. Group all and remove the strokes in rest of the triangles.

We can add bit more interest to our design, selecting all triangles sharp edge facing below in same color group. Change the gradient angle to 90 degrees. Once you have done it will look like below image.

Step 6

Group all to gather and draw a circle using Ellipse tool as shown below. Copy the circle and past it into a new layer hide it for time being.

Select circle as well rainbow we created so for, now make Clipping mask (object>Clipping Mask>Mask, Ctrl + 7). It will hide rest of triangles. Now show the circle which we hide in layer, empty fill in stroke fill white color and stroke weight as 3pt opacity value 50%. Click align stroke inside.

Draw one smaller circle place it in center of other circle. Give the same stroke weight 3pt, opacity value 50%, now Align stroke to Outside. It will look like below image

Step 7

Now type rainbow in caps, I have used Bauhaus Std Medium font (140pt font size) center it to the circle. Now draw a rectangle above the text and bring it below one step (Ctrl + Shift + {) color it as white. Outline the rainbow text (Type>Create Outlines, Ctrl + Shift + o).

Step 8

In gradient add gradient sliders totally 7 as rainbow has 7 colors. Use the color values given below.

Final Step

Now finally one more step to go. Select the gradient tool and drag across the text. In Appearance panel add 4pt stroke, opacity value 50%.

Download the source file Download